Friday, August 27, 2010

Bachata Talk 010 "The Bachata Evolution with Ismael and Alex"

BB talks to the Jersey Boys, Alex and Ismael from Caribbean Soul Dance Studio. On this video, the guys talk a little bit more about Dominican Style Bachata, and the way it is evolving. Ismael and Alex explain BB that they are happy to be part of this new Bachata wave, as long as it remains Bachata in style and music.

For info on Caribbean Soul Dance Studio

For info on the Reno Bachata Fe
stival 2011

Bachata Talk is a series of interviews with Bachata Dance instructors or people involved in the Bachata Dance scene. Interviews are conducted by BB of Bachata Reno and Salsa Reno. Video production is by Roberto Ramirez. Please visit for more info on the 3rd Annual International Reno Bachata Festival or visit for more info on Latin dancing in Reno.

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